We spend our lives trying to “have it all”.  But all the tools we learn to be our best forget the most important thing in our lives – family!  By cultivating our best self and building a loving relationship, we are able to grow families that are ready to go into the world to do good work – live at max potential.

The concepts of personal development exist in the context of marriage and child development, but they have different names.  So let’s cut through the syntax and look at how the best of us is available now.

Experts including psychologists, occupational therapists, educators, and more share how these concepts can be used to bring out the best in us all.  In addition to the expertise of Jake and Cole in the areas of physical wellness and nutrition, they share experience and hard-earned lessons from navigating personal wellness, marriage, and family life.


The mission of Total Potential is to help families cultivate a culture of wellness and mastery that informs every area of life.  We begin with personal development that can then be translated into happier and healthier marriages and more connected families.  The Total Potential community supports the growth and experience of a fulfilling family life.  The entire community then can go into the world with purpose and intention as their authentic selves.


Siblings on a mission to make family life the best place to be!

Jake Taylor

After playing Division 1 hockey followed by seven seasons in the American Hockey League, Jake was living a dream.  However the world of professional sports is a landscape of the young but his passion for pursuing his physical best has never faded.  Jake is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and regularly pushes his physical limits.  He shares his expertise in physical training along with real-life insights on his pursuit of human potential.  As a husband and dad of two young kids, he is fully committed to a carving out a meaningful, purposeful and passion-filled life.  His commitment to his family and the pursuit of higher purpose anchor him to the mission of Total Potential.


Cole Berschback

A collision with fate as a young adult propelled Cole’s pursuit of all things wellness.  As a Registered Dietitian, she has spent her career helping others do the same – find their best through physical wellness.  Becoming a certified yoga instructor has been the perfect balance to share the connection of mind, body, and spirit.  By far, the greatest role of her life is that of wife and mother.  Her love of family and wellness anchor her to the mission of Total Potential.