This super fast at home workout targets the whole body, even though it targets abs.  Get ready to feel the whole body shake while holding extended planks.  This is a great way to build core stability while engaging all muscles to work together.

  • 1 min plank
  • 1 min left side plank
  • 1 min right side plank
  • 1 min plank

Plank: Rest on forearms with elbows stacked below shoulders.  Extend legs out to bring core and hips parallel to the floor.  Engage abdominals, pelvic floor, and hug leg muscles to the bones.

Side Planks: Resting on forearm and side body, extend stacked legs straight out from hips.  Press hips up to bring entire body into alignment.  Engage abdominals, pelvic floor, and hug muscles to leg bones while pressing through heels.

Modifications: can extend arms with hands, wrists, and elbows stack below shoulders, rest on knees in plank or rest on hip in side plank.

Before beginning this or any other fitness program, please consult your physician. The user assumes all risk or injury in the use of this program. The health, fitness, and nutritional information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not replace the recommendations of your health care providers. If you begin to experience pain, shortness of breath, or become light-headed during this exercise, please stop immediately and if you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek immediate medical attention.


By: Jake

Jake is a husband and dad of two. His experience through fulfilling a dream, only to realize there are bigger, more meaningful dreams, has been a humbling and motivating life lesson. He thrives on physical challenges, is an avid reader, is committed to a path toward full human potential, and strives to serve others. CF-L1 Trainer.

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