Get ready to rock that home gym – aka living room – with another bodyweight workout!  While the focus is strength, the heart rate will definitely creep up on this one:)  Keep focused on engagement of arms, shoulder girdle, and abs.  But don’t forget energy through the whole body – feel strong from the crown of your head to your ankles, especially in push-up and plank positions!

Here we go:

3 Sets:

Set 1Set 2Set 3
21 push-ups15 push-ups9 push-ups
21 mountain climbers15 mountain climbers9 mountain climbers
1 min. plank hold1 min. plank hold1 min. plank hold

Push-ups: Begin in plank position with hands stacked under shoulders. Lower body to the floor, keeping abs engaged. Return to plank with arms extended.

Mountain Climbers: Start in high plank, hands and elbows stacked below shoulders. Draw the right knee into the chest and then extend back out as you bring the left knee to the chest.

Plank: Extend legs out and stack arms under shoulders (arms may be extended or you may rest on your forearms). Engage abdominals, pelvic floor, and hug leg muscles to the bones.

Before beginning this or any other fitness program, please consult your physician. The user assumes all risk or injury in the use of this program. The health, fitness, and nutritional information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not replace the recommendations of your health care providers. If you begin to experience pain, shortness of breath, or become light-headed during this exercise, please stop immediately and if you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek immediate medical attention.

By: Jake

Jake is a husband and dad of two. His experience through fulfilling a dream, only to realize there are bigger, more meaningful dreams, has been a humbling and motivating life lesson. He thrives on physical challenges, is an avid reader, is committed to a path toward full human potential, and strives to serve others. CF-L1 Trainer.

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