Overcoming Marriage Insecurities
July 12, 2021
Ready for a light bulb moment? Cole's conversation with therapist Chris Gazdik will shine light on a common marriage challenge: insecurities that drive our behavior. According to Chris, insecuritie... Continue Reading
Breath Practice
May 24, 2021
Breath practice is a cornerstone of our personal development pathway. The practice settles the body along with the mind, emotions, and the hum of everyday life. Box Breathing has been made popular ... Continue Reading
Vital Energy Maintenance
May 10, 2021
Ever feel like you are giving from an empty cup? Yeah, life (and parenthood) can be like that. In this podcast, we welcome back our friend, Judy Buchanan, to discuss vital energy maintenance. We discu... Continue Reading
Day 4
April 05, 2021
Day 4 Perfect for a warm-up, recovery day, or before bed wind-down, this yoga practice addresses full body flexibility and stability.  If enjoying this practice alone, really focus on breathing thro... Continue Reading
Day 12
April 04, 2021
Day 12 Cultivate balance in the body - which helps support balance in the mind, emotions, and life in general. (more…)... Continue Reading
Day 18
April 03, 2021
Day 18 Hip opening yoga practice to strengthen and stretch legs that have been working hard (more…)... Continue Reading
Day 21
April 03, 2021
Day 21 (more…)... Continue Reading
Day 25
March 31, 2021
Day 25 Recovery yoga practice to balance all the strength you've work hard to build this month with flexibility and durability. (more…)... Continue Reading
Training Resilience and Courage
March 01, 2021
Anyone else think this past year has required a touch of mental toughness? Doesn’t matter which end of which spectrum you’ve landed on, this past year has felt charged, chaotic, and uncertain. Alt... Continue Reading