The Mother’s Breath is an all-time favorite practice to calm the mind-body system.  This calming breath practice will sooth the physiology of the body which will slow the churning of the mind.

No matter what count you decide to use, the inhale will always be HALF as long as your exhale.  Some examples include:

  • 4 count inhale, 8 count exhale
  • 5 count inhale, 8 count exhale
  • 6 count inhale, 12 count exhale

…and so on.

Let’s practice:

Come back to this practice again and again!  It’s a beauty!

Cole Berschback
By: Cole Berschback

Cole is a wife and mom of three. She has been a Registered Dietitian since 2005. Her journey through self-mastery and anchoring herself in her family has been the most important and on-going practice of her life. Cole loves being active with her family, yoga, cooking, and spending time in nature.

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