There is so much to consider with school age children as they step into the academic world, begin to participate in activities, and choose friends.  Let the experts help you navigate it all!

Characteristics of a Gifted Learner
February 18, 2018
Do you ever wonder if your child is different than other children when they develop a passion for dinosaurs, or electricity, or rocks, or…and they just won’t let go of the passion? They need to kn... Continue Reading
How Schools Help Children With Needs
December 08, 2017
Navigating the school environment for a child with needs can be challenging.  Dr. Angela Axelrod, a school psychologist, met with Cole to discuss how schools are set-up to help kids with a variety of... Continue Reading
Building Awareness: Social Emotional Learning
November 28, 2017
Many parents are concerned about their children’s academic (e.g., math, reading) achievement and have high academic expectations for their children. While these concerns are warranted given the comp... Continue Reading
Positive Eating Behaviors
November 10, 2017
Every parent experiences feeding their little ones in a different way. Things like cultural perspectives, a child’s growth, and typical family food choices are just a couple of the factors that go i... Continue Reading
A More Meaningful Morning Routine
By Jake
November 07, 2017
What we do in the first hour we are awake sets the tone for the day ahead. If that first hour is filled with the familiar hustle of getting kids out the door, you may be cringing. But a simple morning... Continue Reading