Our 30 day fitness start-up offers total body workouts that are FAST with no equipment required. But get ready to feel it! The strength and capacity built in these workouts will quickly translate to improved overall fitness. Have a workout routine that you love?  These exercises are the perfect add-on for busy days, travel, and building strength to enhance all around fitness. Been off the workout train for awhile?  Each of these exercises offers modifications to fit every fitness level.  Watch how 30 days will completely transform your commitment to personal well-being.

October 12, 2017
5 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible): 10 Mountain Climbers 10 Sit-Ups Mountain Climbers: Start in high plank, hands stacked below your shoulders. Draw right knee into chest and then... Continue Reading
Day 29: 100 V-UPS
October 11, 2017
100 V-Ups V-ups: Lying on your back, extend arms behind head and extend legs. Keeping legs straight, engage abdominals to lift feet together toward the ceiling, and at the same time raise your ... Continue Reading
October 10, 2017
5 Rounds: 1:00 Burpees 1:00 Rest Burpees: Begin standing tall. Lower hips and place hands in front of your body. Do a complete push-up, jump or walk feet back under your hips. Jump to clap ... Continue Reading