Quick and effective home workouts. No equipment necessary. 20-minutes to transform your body's strength, stamina, durability, and capacity. Here we go!

3 Ups: Upper Body Workout
By Jake
December 10, 2019
Get ready for a quick upper body workout to target shoulders, arms, upper back, and core using these 3 Ups: push-ups, sit-ups, and bent t-ups. When we think about working hard but still being quick... Continue Reading
Run, Work, Run
By Jake
August 19, 2019
Enjoy some time outside (if Mother Nature is cooperating) with this  quick cardio and strength training workout.  Short sets of body weight exercises are a great way to keep the heart rate going whi... Continue Reading
Lunges and Squats
By Jake
June 10, 2019
Building leg strength while getting your heart rate going is simple - and right here!  This super quick workout starts and ends with core since that is where our strength originates.  If you are tra... Continue Reading
Leg Day
By Jake
April 15, 2019
Ready to work those legs?  This 15 minute workout will definitely have legs burning - in the best possible way!  Let's cut to the chase, shall we? 4 sets: Every minute, at the start of the minute... Continue Reading
Arms and Abs
By Jake
February 18, 2019
Get ready to rock that home gym - aka living room - with another bodyweight workout!  While the focus is strength, the heart rate will definitely creep up on this one:)  Keep focused on engagement o... Continue Reading
Cardio with Weights
By Jake
November 25, 2018
Another fast and effective exercise fitting in cardio with weights.  With a jump rope and dumbbells, you can really begin to expand your capacity. In this workout, Jake is using 50 lb. dumbbells b... Continue Reading
Body Weight Challenge
By Jake
November 04, 2018
Total body in less than 10 minutes, cardio included.  Push yourself to do your best while keeping good form.  This body weight challenge will allow you to watch your strength and stamina build. Pus... Continue Reading
Ab Challenge – Total Body Abs
May 23, 2018
This super fast workout offers total body toning and will get your heart rate up!  A complete workout on its own or the perfect addition to a run, walk, or bike.  This is total body abs! 3 Rounds: ... Continue Reading
Ab Challenge – Deep Core
May 22, 2018
Day two of the ab challenge brings us to the deep core muscles.  It is super transportable and easy to do ANYWHERE!  Here we focus on the transverse abdominals (the ones that go across your body lef... Continue Reading