Crunched for time?  Have kids in tow?  We get it!  Every workout targets total body transformation.  Build strength and physical capacity with each workout designed to be done at home, no equipment necessary.  With modifications available to fit every fitness level, there are no more excuses!  It is time to be our best and lead our family by example.  Let's do this!

Day 3: Ab Challenge – Boat Pose
By Jake
May 21, 2018
Boat pose is a great way to tone the entire core.  The balance aspect allows for constant pose tweaks that engage both small and large muscles.  This is a burner! 8 rounds: 20 sec. boat pose... Continue Reading
Day 4: Ab Challenge – Obliques
May 20, 2018
Welcome to day 4 of the ab challenge!  Today, we will combine 2 moves in 4 rounds to work the core while focusing on ab stability and obliques. 4 Rounds: 10 push-up to side plank (hold side p... Continue Reading
Day 5: Ab Challenge – Kids Core Stength...
May 19, 2018
Our kids are super busy playing sports of all kinds but their little cores are often forgotten.  Core strength is the building block of total body strength and integrity.  When kids lack core streng... Continue Reading
Day 6: Ab Challenge – Abmats and Leg Ra...
By Jake
May 18, 2018
Get ready for the burn on this ab challenge.  Here we target both upper and lower abdominals with abmats and leg raises. 3 Rounds: 25 abmats 25 leg raises AbMats: start by sitting with le... Continue Reading
Day 7: Ab Challenge – Yoga Inspired
May 17, 2018
Day 7 of the ab challenge is recovery inspired.  We have worked hard!  In less than 7 minutes, you can connect to breath, lengthen the spine, and work total core. ... Continue Reading
All Around Planks
By Jake
April 22, 2018
This super fast at home workout targets the whole body, even though it targets abs.  Get ready to feel the whole body shake while holding extended planks.  This is a great way to build core stabilit... Continue Reading
Dumbbell Workout 2
By Jake
April 08, 2018
3 sets of each exercise with reps of: Set 1: 21 reps Set 2: 15 repss Set 3: 9 reps Thrusters: Starting with feet just wider than hip width apart and holding dumbbells at shoulders, elbows ... Continue Reading
Dumbbell Workout 1
By Jake
March 26, 2018
Build muscle and total body toning quickly with this at home workout. 4 Rounds (remainder of each minute is rest period): 1 minute for 20 jumping air-squats 1 minute for 20 dumbbell deadlif... Continue Reading
Day 1: 5 Minute Fit
November 03, 2017
5 Minutes max number of burpees.  Record your number to follow improvement over time.  Even if you start with 5 total reps today, that is a start.  This is a fast and simple total body exercise tha... Continue Reading