We often think of marriage as purely an action of the heart.  But you don't have to be married for long to know that our mindset often trumps the pitter-patter that brought us together!  Here we understand how our mindset can shape the landscape of our marriage.

Overcoming Marriage Insecurities
July 12, 2021
Ready for a light bulb moment? Cole's conversation with therapist Chris Gazdik will shine light on a common marriage challenge: insecurities that drive our behavior. According to Chris, insecuritie... Continue Reading
Five A’s of Strong Relationships
January 28, 2020
Strong relationships are the backbone of family life.  Relationships that support us, guide us, help us grow, and so much more.  Whether that is with our spouse, our children, or even ourselves, it ... Continue Reading
Uncovering the Light Behind the Story
September 02, 2019
Our strength is our “light.”  The moment we are born, our story begins. Like any good story, our life has themes, evolving characters, plots, twists, challenges and victories throughout. In the s... Continue Reading
Gender Brain Differences and Relationships
August 05, 2019
We know that communication is important for relationships. But it’s not always easy! Right? Let’s face it. Male and female brains can be very different from each other. Maybe taking a closer look... Continue Reading
Gratitude in Relationships
June 24, 2019
A young couple sits across from me on the therapy couch. They are here for premarital counseling. They hold hands, they smile at each other. I say: “So you want to grow old together. What does that ... Continue Reading
Families, Transitions, and Transformations
August 05, 2018
Families are messy. Each member of every family is constantly changing and growing. A beautiful mess of human beings of all ages and stages learning to do life with one another.  So how can we make t... Continue Reading
Improving Relationships By Eliminating Fear
May 13, 2018
When we think of the landscape of our relationships and marriages, there are many nuances to making a partnership last and thrive over time. Loving relationships built on respect, communication, and p... Continue Reading
Be Impeccable With Your Word
March 18, 2018
In my practice, I try to share simple, powerful ideas on how to improve communication skills so our relationships – both personal and professional – can thrive. In my last article, I talked about ... Continue Reading
Foundation of Communication
February 25, 2018
The single most effective thing we can do to improve communication across all important relationships in our life is this . . . listen. Simple. But not easy to do in practice. Human beings are notorio... Continue Reading