Making time for each other is no small challenge, especially while raising a young family.  However, there is no way to overstate the importance of making time for our most significant relationship.

Couples Workout
June 17, 2018
Working out together is a great way to support each other in improving physical strength.  This super fast workout is not only functional but fun!  To lengthen the couples workout, perform as a set ... Continue Reading
Time and Transforming Relationships
April 16, 2018
An immensely valuable tool in building strong relationships is to appreciate (and harness) the power of distinctions. We learn about the world in which we live and co-create that world via the power o... Continue Reading
Making Time for Us
By Jake
November 23, 2017
It is safe to say that most people count their family as the most important people in their lives. When anything is even slightly off with one of those relationships, life feels off balance. For insta... Continue Reading