Mindset happens one thought at a time.  Building awareness of our thoughts and mindset - both strengths and weaknesses - allows us to see where we can benefit from change.  The concepts of self-mastery (building our best self one day at a time) are ancient but absolutely apply to our modern era.  We use these concepts in mindset development to call our best, most authentic self to the surface so we can begin living our best life today!

Heal, Connect, & Grow Energetically
January 04, 2021
Mind blowing. That's the only way to describe this conversation with Judy Buchanan, a Medical Reiki Master. This is the single most influential conversation I've had in years. Here we tackle self-deve... Continue Reading
Obstacle or Opportunity
May 18, 2020
The decision to approach any situation as an obstacle or opportunity is exactly that, a decision.  Sometimes that decision is harder than others.  We do this in our jobs, in our relationships, and i... Continue Reading
Calming Breath Practice
March 24, 2020
The Mother's Breath is an all-time favorite practice to calm the mind-body system.  This calming breath practice will sooth the physiology of the body which will slow the churning of the mind. No ... Continue Reading
Finding True Happiness
May 27, 2019
How many times have you pursued something that was intended to bring you happiness? Was it a relationship? Was it a major life choice like where to live or a career path? How many times has that choic... Continue Reading
A Grateful Heart
December 04, 2018
With so many ways to go after a dream, it’s easy to focus on the traits that can be seen. Hard work, dedication, and building physical strength can be watched and tracked. However, more subtle trait... Continue Reading
Real Men are Defenders
June 24, 2018
As I write this, it is Memorial Day here in the United States. A time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice so many military families have made. It's a fitting time to end this series on masculinity by... Continue Reading
Real Men are Menders
June 17, 2018
As a maker, a man understands the value of things. He understands the time, effort, and craftsmanship that go into a quality product. So he doesn't just toss it aside when it becomes worn or needs rep... Continue Reading
Real Men are Makers
June 10, 2018
Real men are makers. True masculinity is expressed in creation. The modern video game culture predominantly communicates that men earn value by conquest and destruction.  I'm convinced that boys a... Continue Reading
True Masculinity
June 03, 2018
Boys of All Ages... Real men are defenders, makers, and menders.  True masculinity gives. You may never have been taught that. You may have been sold a toxic, empty masculinity about conquest. Ma... Continue Reading