Mindset happens one thought at a time.  Building awareness of our thoughts and mindset - both strengths and weaknesses - allows us to see where we can benefit from change.  The concepts of self-mastery (building our best self one day at a time) are ancient but absolutely apply to our modern era.  We use these concepts in mindset development to call our best, most authentic self to the surface so we can begin living our best life today!

Taking Control of Fear
By Jake
May 27, 2018
Fear, doubt, and uncertainty are inner foes that regularly thwart forward progress.  Fear out in the world is presented constantly in the daily news cycle and is legitimate when mass shootings have b... Continue Reading
Embracing Silence
April 22, 2018
Finding space for the moments - doesn’t that sound lovely? The moments where we feel our true self resonate, we connect purely with loved ones, or experience mother nature at her finest. Those momen... Continue Reading
Control the Controllable
By Jake
March 04, 2018
Most of us grow up having a vision of what our life will look like one day. It looks a little different for everyone, but for most it includes landing a dream job, getting married, and having a family... Continue Reading
Release Fear
December 18, 2017
Fear is a basic human emotion that prevents us from doing dangerous or harmful things - like shaking hands with a grizzly bear.   Fear also disguises itself as anger, anxiety, jealousy, and a bunch o... Continue Reading
Take Action
By Jake
December 18, 2017
As we think about achieving desired goals, it can be difficult to determine the elements we have control over to turn a dream into reality.   It is the million dollar question: how do we get from poi... Continue Reading