We all know that making time for self-care and personal development is hard while raising a family that has many needs.  However, it is impossible to put our best foot forward without doing the inner, personal work to be at our best. Finding, cultivating, and committing to our best self is critical to experience all life has to offer. This is not light and fluffy work - it takes grit to look inside and bring our authentic nature to the surface.  But what we find is absolutely worth it. Let's dive into the ways we can carve out our best self!

Self-Mastery Happens One Day at a Time
By Jake
July 22, 2018
Phase 3 – Focused on the present What I have learned in the last 6 years is that the only thing that I need to focus on is now, today. Each moment is a chance to make the right choice, move one ste... Continue Reading
Real Men are Defenders
June 24, 2018
As I write this, it is Memorial Day here in the United States. A time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice so many military families have made. It's a fitting time to end this series on masculinity by... Continue Reading
Real Men are Menders
June 17, 2018
As a maker, a man understands the value of things. He understands the time, effort, and craftsmanship that go into a quality product. So he doesn't just toss it aside when it becomes worn or needs rep... Continue Reading
Real Men are Makers
June 10, 2018
Real men are makers. True masculinity is expressed in creation. The modern video game culture predominantly communicates that men earn value by conquest and destruction.  I'm convinced that boys a... Continue Reading
True Masculinity
June 03, 2018
Boys of All Ages... Real men are defenders, makers, and menders.  True masculinity gives. You may never have been taught that. You may have been sold a toxic, empty masculinity about conquest. Ma... Continue Reading
Transforming Masculinity
June 03, 2018
What's Happening in the World... On April 23, 2018 a young man (25) from Ontario drove a rental van down a crowded Toronto sidewalk. He plowed into pedestrians killing 10 and injuring at least 15. In... Continue Reading
Taking Control of Fear
By Jake
May 27, 2018
Fear, doubt, and uncertainty are inner foes that regularly thwart forward progress.  Fear out in the world is presented constantly in the daily news cycle and is legitimate when mass shootings have b... Continue Reading
Embracing Silence
April 22, 2018
Finding space for the moments - doesn’t that sound lovely? The moments where we feel our true self resonate, we connect purely with loved ones, or experience mother nature at her finest. Those momen... Continue Reading
Take a Personal Stance
March 25, 2018
The collision of what we are perceived as and what we perceive ourselves to be can be vastly different. There are many reasons our true selves might be held back from the surface - a job title, new su... Continue Reading