Day 11

There are so many movement practices that promote balance in our body.  In this program, we are utilizing functional fitness movements because:

  1. They are functional – mom’s lifting kids into cars or dad’s moving the couch to find a beloved lost toy require functional strength.  Period.
  2. They are very simple to do at home without a gym or babysitter to watch the kids.
  3. They address our total body make up by building strength and stamina simultaneously.

And yet, there are so many other things that still address our physical health.  Brisk walks, yoga, Pilates, sports, and so many other movements promote physical health.  We strongly encourage you to find what works for you.  This program is all about building commitment to the practice, but ultimately YOU will determine what that practice looks like.

5 Rounds:

  • 15 Thrusters
  • 30 seconds High Knees

Fun for Kids:

Create story of where those high knees are taking you – fast!

Hold a stuff animal or toy light saber over head to save the day on every press up in thrusters.

For the sporty kids, hold a nerf type ball in hands, throw just above head as thrusting up and then build coordination to catch the ball on the way back down.

Before beginning this or any other fitness program, please consult your physician. The user assumes all risk or injury in the use of this program. The health, fitness, and nutritional information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not replace the recommendations of your health care providers. If you begin to experience pain, shortness of breath, or become light-headed during this exercise, please stop immediately and if you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek immediate medical attention.

By: Jake

Jake is a husband and dad of two. His experience through fulfilling a dream, only to realize there are bigger, more meaningful dreams, has been a humbling and motivating life lesson. He thrives on physical challenges, is an avid reader, is committed to a path toward full human potential, and strives to serve others. CF-L1 Trainer.

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